College Books

What is the conspiracy with college books these days that the they are so darn expensive and what gets me about it is they change editions like we girl change under wear its a scam really for the greedy publishers I mean come on psychology is not going to change with in a four month period of a semester . All they do is slap a new cover on it it takes years to publish a book. So how do i deal with it when my teacher insists i need the newest edition easy i buy what I can find i don't stress my self out about it .Last semester they used the 6th edition and now the 7th so i buy the 6 you learn the same and i have passed all my classes also i just rent my books i don't bother with buy them brand new for what you will only use them for 4 months I go to book free shipping cheap books and what is even better they pay for postage when you send them back you print out the label and send them on there way so lady's save money . ;)

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