I really think this season am so crazy over florals not so much last season maybe because it has taken  me a while to warm up to them and the florals that came out this season are far more feminine than last spring so today was casual Friday @ work  it was a good time for me to wear yet another floral piece which was good because after work  I went with some of my friends to go shoot pool in long beach at a place i have never been to called Yankee Doddle I had so much fun maybe to much it was a great way to start off my weekend  I hope you  guys have a awesome weekend and find some time to yourself  remember its always good to take some time out to pamper yourself even if it means just to take a relaxing walk and collect your thoughts.

All clothing comes from Mode Plus in Monterey Park 
Jeans - $ 18.99
Floral Top- $ 16.99
Navy Blue Shrug - $10.99


  1. oh cute top! I need to go check out Mode Plus, it wasn't there back in the day when I went to ELAC, so no cute outfits for me when I was in college! LOL Looks great!

  2. Really cute outfit love how you paired it with the jeans. Lol at nympho ronnie. Oh girl things just never change.

  3. Hi! I just ran across your blog randomly and i love it, am a new follower :)

    Oh my goodness i totally agree with floral mania this spring, I am all about florals too! i cant get enough of it. I love this look too! and i really love your hair color!


  4. Love this outfit! You wear color so well-- I am serious, every color looks awesome on you!

  5. In general, people need to wear more patterns... we're so stuck on solids, which is probably why I love this look so much. I once had a stylist tell me I need more patterns in my wardrobe... a year later that's still true! You're an inspiration (and I need to follow her advice and yours to get to the store!).

    Katie for Ouidad

  6. that top is nice yellow floral print I <3 it


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