Trying to feel great even when I dont feel it

I am having one of them days were I feel crappy I have allergies and also experiencing "THE BLUES" yes my emotions have been like a roller coaster,regardless of all that its so easy for my to fall into a depression were all I want to do is sleep let alone try and fix myself up. Well am not letting that happen so as i struggle to find motivation to try to be somewhat descent looking this is what I came up with nothing special just a lazy day outfit , I choose the bright colors so maybe it would rub off on my mood it didn't but never the less I tried am praying for better days which I know will come this funk shall pass in the meantime I will just ride it out xoxoxo Thank god its Friday tomorrow =]

  • Turquoise Tropical Flower-Print Empire-Bust Tank Top (TORRID)
  • White Lace-Front Textured Cardigan (TORRID)
  • Light washed jeans (Ross)


  1. Yes. I know what you mean with not feeling motivated. I have been feeling that way too and havent been posting things on my blog. its bad! But seeing you fighting that give me motivation! youre looking great! and i am loving those sandals! :)


  2. aww you look great! I hope you start to feel better soon!


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